Anthony is busy working on a project he can't talk about.
Or he's napping.

Recent Projects

A complete overhaul of the design and content management system for Ralph Nader's official website. It's Al Gore's favorite.


Digital Learning Day

Graphic redesign, mobile friendly revamp of a site that gets more than 200+ concurrent visitors.

After the revamped site was released the clients response said it all, "Whoo hoo!".

Manhattan Comedy School

I setup an easy to use Content Management System and focused on improving the site's SEO. Now the site ranks in the top 3 for related search terms. No idea if Al Gore likes this site.

Other recent clients have included RepublicReport, Henriette Mantel, BAHKO concrete, DogWalkPros and more. Those are just the ones from the past six months. Over the past 17 years I've released more sites than I can remember.

If you want

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  • Less than 2 meters of man
  • 1 gallon of absurdity
  • 3lbs of cartoon theme songs
  • Salt
  • Natural Flavoring

Since 1997 I've been designing, developing and deploying online solutions for a range of companies and organizations.

I've built solutions for Apple,, Greenpeace, Manhattan Comedy School, Public Citizen and a lot more.

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Online Consulting Articles

Preferential access to my devices

May 16, 2014
With the FCC's decision to allow ISP's to charge for access I think it's time for me to charge advertisers for access to my computer.

Agile, Lean and all those other whizzy things

May 1, 2014
I thought everyone built software this way.

The No No's

November 21, 2013
Common client requests that are answered with a no.