"OK Stupid" is the story of one 34 year-old man's reluctant journey through the world of online dating. The book is filled with hilarious messages sent to women on an online dating site, graphs comparing the acceptance of online dating to the popularity of the Dave Matthews Band and of course, the dates where he wishes he had his emergency contact number memorized. All those result in a modern love story that almost ends in a restraining order. After sending over 200 messages he finally finds true love through the internet.

OK Stupid Updates

The top 5 secrets of online flirting

March 19th

Flirting in the real world is confusing. How do you know if that special someone is checking you out or if they suffer from astigamatism? It’s impossible. The early stages of flirting …

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The Mystery Math Explained, Part 1

March 12th

Lots of lonely people with above average math skills have been “gaming” the online dating system as of late. The first one I saw was the story of the kid that created his own alg…

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Draft 1 complete

January 3rd

Draft 1 of OK Stupid The Book is done. My editors have it in their inboxes. In between ads for 80% off Viiagra(sic) and shipments updates from Amazon it waits for their grubby, ink stained h…

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